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Tools and Adhesives

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
S190 Woodland Scenics S190 Scenic Glue™

S190 Scenic Glue™

A specially-formulated, high-tack, non-odorous adhesive for applying landscape materials. Scenic glue is a thick, flexible, strong-hold adhesive that...


S191 Woodland Scenics S191 Scenic Cement™

S191 Scenic Cement™

Scenic Cement™ is a ready-to-use matte adhesive for Ballast, Turf, etc. This multi-use product is a non-toxic, water-based cement. Apply with a...


S192 Woodland Scenics S192 Scenic Sprayer

S192 Scenic Sprayer

Comes with a long siphon tube and spray head that fits the Scenic Cement™ bottle. Nozzle is adjustable from a very fine mist to a steady...


S194 Woodland Scenics S194 Canister Shaker

S194 Canister Shaker

This 32 oz. Canister Shaker is perfect for application and storage of all landscaping products. It can be used to sprinkle Fine Turf, Coarse Turf,...


S195 Woodland Scenics S195 Hob-e-Tac® Adhesive

S195 Hob-e-Tac® Adhesive

Hob-e-Tac™ is a multi-purpose, water-soluble, high-tack adhesive. It is perfect for making trees and attaching Clump-Foliage™, Field...


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