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Terrain & Landscape

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C1201 Woodland Scenics C1201 Lightweight Hydrocal®* - 1/2 gal

C1201 Lightweight Hydrocal®* - 1/2 gal

Lightweight Hydrocal has been specially formulated for terrain model builders. It is half the weight of Hydrocal and goes twice as far. It is the...


C1202 Woodland Scenics C1202 Mold-A-Scene™ Plaster - 1/2 gal

C1202 Mold-A-Scene™ Plaster - 1/2 gal

Mold-A-Scene is a plaster material you can shape like modeling clay. Its longer setting time allows a modeler to add terrain contours to new or...


C1203 Woodland Scenics C1203 Plaster Cloth

C1203 Plaster Cloth

Plaster Cloth is the easy, convenient method for modeling lightweight landforms and terrain base. The plaster-coated cloth creates a durable hard...


C1204 Woodland Scenics C1204 Latex Rubber - 16 oz

C1204 Latex Rubber - 16 oz

Works great for making your own hopper loads, rocks, or other molds. This ready-to-use Latex Rubber is formulated to be thin enough to seek detail...


C1205 Woodland Scenics C1205 Flex Paste™

C1205 Flex Paste™

This flexible, non-cracking modeling paste can be used to create a hard surface, as a filler or primer on foam. Also use as a road base or sealer...


ST1402 ST1402 SubTerrain Manual

ST1402 SubTerrain Manual



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