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26836 Halloween Boxcar with SpookySounds


Was that a witch cackling 'round the bend, or the moan of some lost soul? Listen for all of the scariest sounds of the spookiest season. Push the whistle/horn or bell button and hear the werewolf howl or a piercing scream. Create your own ghastly express by adding the SpookySounds Boxcar to your Halloween rolling stock.


  • SpookySounds including a cackling witch, thunder and lightening, a black cat, heartbeat, evil laugh, howling wind and ghastly moans
  • Operator-controlled werewolf howl and screams
  • Volume control and ON/OFF switch
  • Conventional transformer control
  • Die-cast metal trucks and operating
  • Metal frame

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Length: 10 1/2"

Minimum Curve: O-27

Sold Out
  • Model: 6-26836
  • Manufactured by: Lionel

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