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DZ-1080G Color Position Signal


With metal poles and ladders, these scale signals will look great along your right-of-way. The 7-lights have a realistic slow changing. The base has optical sensors built-in with a sensitivity adjustment. Just apply power and put them next to the track. These signals do the rest.


When the train is sensed next to the motor moves the signal to the stop condition and shows RED. Four (4) seconds after the train passes, the signal changes to caution showing YELLOW. After three (3) more seconds the signal returns to clear showing GREEN.


They have separate inputs and outputs so they can be daisy chained. The down track signal will hold the up track signal on yellow until the down track signal goes off red.


  • 1:29 Scale size
  • 9V Battery or 12-18V AC or DC transformer power
  • Sensor built-in to detect passing train
  • Slow motion flag or fade-out/fade-in LEDs
  • Auto sleep mode to save batteries
  • Passing train wakes up signal
  • Works in any light - Rain and sun don't bother them
  • Jumper selected time delays 4 sec. or 10 sec. between stop (RED) and caution (YELLOW) and between caution and clear (GREEN).
  • Input and output wires are also provided to connect them to other signals and for

Sold Out
  • Model: DZ-1080G
  • Manufactured by: Z-Stuff For Trains

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