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ILDVDBOX I Love Toy Trains 5-DVD Boxed Set


Detailed Description
It started in 1993. Our producer made a little show for his 3-year old son, Jeffery. The show featured trains animals, funny bloopers, and upbeat music. Jeffery loved it. Jeff’s mom said, “If Jeff likes it so much, maybe other kids will, too.” So Jeff’s mom and dad took it to a trade show in La Vegas. It was the hit of the show. Order poured in from Blockbusters, Toys-R-Us, libraries, and from parents all over the country.

Fifteen years later, this popular 14-part series has sold over three million copies and received rave reviews from the national media, librarians, and pareting magazines. Each award-winning show features real and toy train action, the toe-tapping music of award-winning singer/songwriter James Coffey, and a sweet spirit that appeals to young and old. Kids learn, laugh, and want more.

Parts 1 through 12 plus the Final Show – all packaged in an attractive, 5-DVD set box. Almost 7 hours of great train action, music, and fun. Makes an impressive gift and you save money.

  • Model: TM ILDVDBOX
  • Manufactured by: TM Books & Video

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