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MAINT Maintenance & Repair Guide for Lionel Electric Trains


Detailed Description
Easy-to-follow, helpful guide to keeping your Lionel trains and accessories in top working condition. Making Postwar Lionel trains and accessories run like they did when they come out of their boxes 50-60 years ago is fun. You get a fine sense of history and satisfaction. And you can do it. It’s easy. This DVD shows you how.


  • Replacing power cord, contact rollers, and terminal posts on ZWs
  • Cleaning and repairing E-units
  • Organizing your work area
  • Whistles, Horns, and Relays
  • Motor cleaning and lubricating
  • Switches
  • Vibrotors: various types and how to improve performance
  • Smoke Units
  • Re-wiring basics
  • Cleaning trains inside and out
  • Tips on improving performance of locomotives

  • 44 minutes.
    “There is not one piece of Lionel equipment made between 1945 and 1969 that cannot be repaired with parts available today unless it was underwater and rusted solid.”
    John LaLima

  • Model: TM MAINT
  • Manufactured by: TM Books & Video

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