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CENTL 21st Century Great Layouts - Part 1


Detailed Description

An ALL-NEW great layout series for a new generation of layout builders. The trend is towards richly detailed, hi-rail layouts using one or both of the available control systems – Lionel’s LEGACY and MTH’S DCS. Our first show features three hi-rail layouts and one highly detailed Postwar Lionel layout. Each features great train action, tips on operating, wiring, and using the new control systems. 
Doug Belzer – Hi-Rail. Beautiful scenery. Runs both LEGACY and DCS. The mainline consists of 236 feet of track. 58 Ross Custom Switches. 1200 square feet. Multiple control panels. All corners curved. Over 1.3 miles of wire. One 8-track, bi-directional signal bridge, custom built from brass.  
Arnie Gorchow –  The power of suggestion. Visited a friend who had just built a layout. Arnie said, “I can do this.” And he did – beautifully. A dentist, Arnie does wonders with a Dremel drill. Great detail. 
Jack Phelan – Runs only original Lionel Postwar trains and accessories, including the 773 Hudson with Irvington cars and the UP Anniversary set. Automatic block system. Traditional track. Uses inventive touches to mask unsightly binding posts on switches and accessories.
Stan Ludwikowski
Hi-Rail, 22X35-feet, highly detailed. Runs both TMCC and DCS. 108” diameter curves. Depicts the crossover era, from 1920 to 1970, when diesels replaced the steamers. Atlas track. Runs only scale Lionel Legacy and MTH Premiere locomotives. Features SuperStreets with vehicles automatically stopping and starting at an intersection.
Buy it. You’ll love it.
Run time: 65 min.

  • Model: TM CENTL
  • Manufactured by: TM Books & Video

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