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CCDVD The Station at Citigroup Center


Detailed Description
All aboard for a spectacular video tour of The Station at Citigroup Center. Housed in a 27-foot high replica of a Victorian train station, this sensational display, created by Broadway set designer Clarke Dunham, features over 25 electronically controlled trains operation on three levels, magnificent 12-foot high backdrops, 17 animated scenes, 200 buildings, 5000 trees and shrubs, 17 bridges and 2 skating dogs.

See powerful steam engines, sleep diesels, a circus train, trolleys, the skyline of New York in 1940, small town life in the 50s, the Catskill Mountains, a logging train, a tugboat on the Hudson, a carnival with turning Ferris wheel and much more. 55 artists and craftspeople took one year to create this masterpiece in miniature. Be prepared to be amazed.

Toy trains evoke happy memories. The Station at Citigroup Center is our way of bringing those memories to life.
(40 minutes)

  • Model: TM CCDVD
  • Manufactured by: TM Books & Video

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