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AFDVD2 American Flyer , Legends in Action


 Detailed Description

A nice mix of American Flyer stories that will thrill and delight the American Flyer enthusiast, no matter their era of interest. All new stories - none are in our original American Flyer Fun & Thrills video

  • John DeSantis' fine standard gauge collection features rare American Flyer legends like the Mayflower and 15 variations of the 1928 President's Special.
  • Dave Corbett thinks American Flyer trains are the best and is willing to spiritedly debate the issue with anyone who thinks otherwise.
  • American Flyer historian, Dave Bubeck, covers the most overlooked category in toy trains - A.C. Gilbert's American Flyer prewar 3/16th O Gauge trains.
  • American Flyer S gauge trains and accessories in action during the Golden Age of Toy Trains, the late 40s and 50s.
  • Enthusiasts, including Lou Palumbo, recall vigorously defending their favorite toy train maker during the 50s.
  • Tom Robinson combines modern era S gauge with AF postwar accessories.
  • Carl Tuveson's hi-rail layout features beautiful scale scenery combined with S-helper two rail track. Hard to beat for a great realistic look.

Running time 65 minutes

  • Model: TM AFDVD2
  • Manufactured by: TM Books & Video

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