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CHMEMDVD Toy trains Christmas Memories


Detailed Description
By the early fifties, toy trains were as much a part of Christmas as Santa Claus and the Christmas tree. Kids fell asleep reading the Lionel catalog and dreaming about what engine, freight car, or new accessory they would get for Christmas. Memories of those happy times have lasted. And that's what this video is about - toy train Christmas memories.
It's also about Christmas layouts that capture the marvelous time when we were young, and it was Christmastime - snow falling, sparkling street lamps, red ribbons, gaily wrapped presents, and colorful holiday lights.

All aboard for a joyous Christmas ride to a magical land filled with toy trains, tiny lights, one-horse open sleighs, and a wonder of Christmas. Featured are three dazzling Christmas layouts, Dept. 56 Villages, Lionel, LGB, and MTH trains, and the original music of Jim Coffey.

A Lionel Christmas (50 minutes) Remember when you wanted a Lionel train for Christmas more than anything? Its seemed Christmas would never come. Finally, it did. You ran to the living room, heart pounding. There was the Christmas tree covered with sparkling lights and shimmering tinsel, and under the tree, gliding around an oval of three-rail track, was a Lionel train puffing smoke. Oh, the excitement!

Memories like that are what this video is about.

Popular toy train video producer Tom McComas had crated a poignant mix of heartwarming stories, great toy train action and beautiful Christmas music that will make your heart soar, train buff or not.

An irresistible video that recalls those magical morning's years ago when life seemed simple and kids played with Lionel trains. This is a video to be savored and enjoyed by the entire family, year after year. (50 minutes.)

Toy Trains & Christmas Holiday Music
Award-winning singer/songwriter Jim Coffey is featured in this musical tribute to Christmas. Jim sings while the trains run.

Total running time: 3 hours, 20 min.

  • Model: TM CHMEMDVD
  • Manufactured by: TM Books & Video

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