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ILBTDVD I Love Big Trains, Parts 1, 2, & 3


Detailed Description

Parents' Choice Honors Award Winner!

First stop, the Illinois Railway Museum, See might steamers, sleek diesels, and quiet electrics traveling down the main line. Learn a little railroad history and experience what its like to be an engineer.

 Next watch how a busy freight yard works. See the last operating articulated steam locomotive in the world, the Union Pacific's 3985 Challenger, thunder down the tracks. Learn what railroad signals mean and how to read them.

Steam locomotive expert, Doyle McCormick, talks about steam engines and restoring the legendary 4449 Southern Pacific Daylight.

Then see the the Daylight become the red, white, and blue American Freedom train journey across USA. Last stop is a 363-mile journey between Fairbanks and Anchorage aboard the Alaska Railroad where the scenery and wildlife are spectacular. Yes, those are real wild bears, moose, deer, and bison. Then ride on the thrilling White Pass & Yukon Route Narrow Gauge Railroad.

An unforgettable journey for all young train fans. All Aboarrrd!!!

Customer Reviews

"It is a very informative dvd with lots of different trains in it, my son who is four and train mad, loves this dvd, and is always quoting from it.
Bridget Johanoboeke A

This video is excellent for young children to enjoy over and over again. It is entertaining as well as educational. Even those over 12 will find the information interesting. My grandsons love watching it over and over again.
Bev Anderson

This dvd is a favorite in our house. My two year old would watch it daily if he could. I like that he gets to learn about his favorite subject (trains) and have fun at the same time. One of the best aspects about the dvd is that it is appropriate and entertaining for all age groups. There is music and fun remote locations plus enough details about trains to teach both children and adults something new.
R. Amburgy

My son loved this series! I recommend them to any who love trains as much as my son does. Michael T. Newton

  • Model: TM ILBTDVD
  • Manufactured by: TM Books & Video

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