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New from BRIO is BRIO WORLD... You build it your way!  Modular building pieces let you configure the structure to your liking!  Want to make it bigger, just add more pieces... the sky can be the limit, but you'll probably want to contain you excitement to 3 or 4 stories!

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33941 BRIO WORLD BRIO 33941 Village Family House

33941 Village Family House

Village Family House Shall we play at my house? I have two floors, you have one – together we can design whatever house layouts as we like. We...

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33942 BRIO WORLD BRIO 33942 Village Modules

33942 Village Modules

Village Modules Want to make your house bigger or create your own layout? With these extra walls, floors, roofs and windows you can build and rebuild...

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33948 BRIO WORLD BRIO 33948 Village Playground

33948 Village Playground

Village Playground Climb onto the swing and swing as fast as you dare! Or do you prefer the seesaw? You and your friend aren't afraid, that's...

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33949 BRIO WORLD BRIO 33949 Village Camper Trailer

33949 Village Camper Trailer

Village Camper Trailer Connect the camper, open the roof lid, jump in the trailer and let the holiday adventure begin. This trailer has superpower...

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