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Bridges & Tunnels

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33253 BRIO BRIO 33253 Stacking Supports

33253 Stacking Supports

Stacking Track Supports Take the game up a notch with these supports that help you build bridges, tunnels or a cool, multi-storey railway. The...

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33254 BRIO BRIO 33254 Super Supports

33254 Super Supports

Super Supports Build bridges and overcome any obstacle in your way. These beautiful wooden bridge supports help you create your construction. Playing...


33351 BRIO BRIO 33351 Viaduct Bridge

33351 Viaduct Bridge

Viaduct Bridge Going straight ahead does not have to be boring. Why not add a classic viaduct? The bridge is made of durable solid wood. Comes in 3...


33391 BRIO BRIO 33391 Collapsing Bridge

33391 Collapsing Bridge

Collapsing Bridge Ready, set, collapse! The train comes closer and closer to the bridge, unaware that it is about to collapse once you press the red...


33481 BRIO BRIO 33481 Adventure Tunnel

33481 Adventure Tunnel

Adventure Tunnel Take the long way home through this exciting tunnel! It has four different sounds that activate when the train passes through and...


33533 BRIO BRIO 33533 Harbour Bridge

33533 Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge Ferry coming through! Turn the knobs to crank the bridge up to let boat traffic pass underneath. Don't forget to secure the safety...


33574 BRIO BRIO 33574 Train Garage / Tunnel

33574 Train Garage / Tunnel

Train Garage / Tunnel Where do the trains take a nap? In the BRIO train garage of course. A perfect resting or maintenance place for all BRIO trains....


33683 BRIO BRIO 33683 Double Suspension Bridge

33683 Double Suspension Bridge

Double Suspension Bridge On your way to sunny San Francisco? BRIO’s longest bridge takes any train on a thrilling journey across the water. The...


33757 BRIO BRIO 33757 Lifting Bridge

33757 Lifting Bridge

Lifting Bridge The boat is finally here but the bridge is closed! And everyone is waiting, so what do we do? Relax. We just turn the crank to lift...


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