Spirit of the Century F-3 AA & 4 Car Psgr, Commemorative Set


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This Spirit of the Century F-3 Commemorative Set was manufactured by Lionel in 1999 to celebrate the new century. Only 1000 of these sets were made, and it comes with a Lionel Certificate of Authenticity. A beautiful pair of F-3s pulls a top of the line extruded aluminum 4 passenger car set. The lettering on the cars is done is such a way that (regardless of which side you view) the train reads “Spirit of the Century”.

The F-3 AA set is Lionel #38153, and each unit features Command Control, a (nose) electrocoupler, directional lighting and die-cast trucks.

The #38154 powered A-unit features a Powerfull Pullmor II motor, and magnetraction.

The #38155 dummy A-unit also has Railsounds with Crew Talk and Tower Comm.

 The four car passenger set is #39109. Invididually the cars are numbered #39110, 111, 112 & 113. Each car features: Interior illumination Passenger silhouettes Detailed interiors with figures Die-cast trucks Magnetic couplers

Both the set of diesels, and the set of passenger cars are in “factory new” condition (i.e. “Mint”, “brand new”, “never run on the tracks” or “display-dust”). The protective factory straps are still present on the passenger car trucks.

They were issued each in an individual orange & blue Lionel box. Those boxes come with the diesels and cars, and are also in Mint, factory fresh condition. The orignal shipping cartons are also included

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