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By the 1920s, the automobile was steadily growing in popularity as a means of transporting passengers and hauling freight. It was clear that this revolution would threaten the railroad industry. In Pratt’s Hollow, Missouri, a clandestine group of professional railroad designers secretly collaborated to develop a modern locomotive that would triumph over the automobile by employing many new technologies in the design of railroad equipment. To the Pratt’s Hollow group, efficiency was paramount in competing with the auto industry, but not at the expense of style. Until the designs were completed and patented, these new ideas were carefully guarded from public knowledge. Mysteriously, this never happened. Had the Pratt’s Hollow tale been true, who knows what would’ve been whooshing down the rails today. The Phantom III passenger cars include eerie interior illumination. The Phantom III features unique sound effects specially designed for these fantastical locomotives. Features FEATURES: •Metal trucks with streamlined skirting •Die-cast metal operating couplers •Metal frames •Interior lighting Gauge: Traditional O Gauge Dimensions: Length: Single car: 14 1/8″ Set: 56 1/2″ Minimum Curve: O-31

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