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41809 Schleich 41809 Elf Wedding Scenery Pack

41809 Elf Wedding Scenery Pack

Elf wedding Scenery Pack Our Schleich Figures are also available in a Scenery Pack. The figures and accessories can be put together to create a...


42044 Schleich 42044 Elf Riding Set

42044 Elf Riding Set

Elf riding set, Tinuveel Riding Elf-style is easier than it looks with this equipment. Fun Facts without horse Tinuveel loves horses. When she's...


42059 Schleich 42059 Elf Pavilion

42059 Elf Pavilion

Elf pavilion The elf pavilion provides a calm, shady venue. Fun Facts   A wonderful pavilion full of flower arrangements is the perfect place...


42060 Schleich 42060 Elf Carriage

42060 Elf Carriage

Elf carriage The elf carriage has fold-out petals for the bride and groom to sit on during their ride through the kingdom of Bayala. Fun Facts with...


42063 Schleich 42063 Arelan Raft D

42063 Arelan Raft D

Arelan raft The Arelan Raft with its moving rudder, carpet and treasure chest can transport up to 3 Arelan heroes safely across the waters of Bayala....


42077 Schleich 42077 Sunny Blossom

42077 Sunny Blossom

Sunny blossom The new summer blossom elf home with its moving petals and flower swing is a wonderful place to dawdle a while. Fun Facts   The...


42096 Schleich 42096 Elf swing

42096 Elf swing

Elf swing The elf friends like to meet on the large leaf swing where they swing, laugh and chat the time away. Fun Facts   The swing is found...


42097 Schleich 42097 Elf merry-go-round

42097 Elf merry-go-round

Elf merry-go-round The elf merry-go-round is an enormous flower. As soon as the elves are happily seated on its petals, it starts to turn. Fun Facts ...


42098 Schleich 42098 Elf riding set, forest elf

42098 Elf riding set, forest elf

Elf riding set, forest elf All the elves love forest elves, which is why they give one of their horses to a forest elf so they can ride together...


42099 Schleich 42099 Elf riding set, Limeya

42099 Elf riding set, Limeya

Elf riding set, Limeya Limeya’s transparent wings glisten in the sun.  Fun Facts Limeya loves to recite the verses and songs she has...


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