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13766 Black Angus Bull


Binomial name: Bos primigenius taurus
Global Home: Worldwide


Primary Habitat: Domesticated

The Black Angus beef is distributed almost worldwide. It is, for example, found in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Black Angus, also called Aberdeen Angus, is a cattle breed that was originally bred in Eastern Scotland. Today, the Angus beef is popular worldwide for its excellent meat quality. Angus cattle are hornless and have, as the name says, a black coat. In the U.S. Black Angus is one of the most common breeds of cattle, not least because of their rapid growth and their ease of attitude. So the animals are regarded as extremely good-natured and peaceful. Even full-grown bulls are seldom aggressive.

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  • Model: 13766
  • Manufactured by: Schleich

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