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About Airbrushable Acrylic Paint


Aztek® airbrushable acrylic paints are a perfect complement to your Aztek® Airbrush. They will however, work in any brand of airbrush and can also be brushed on! Made with the same high quality and standards of the Testors® brand paints, our all purpose acrylic paints for airbrushing come in a wide variety of colors, perfect for any surface and project. 


Features and Benefits:


    • Top-quality ready to use acrylic paint, no thinner required
    • Comes in 40 different trend-right colors including opaque, transparent, fluorescents and metallic pearl
    • Acrylic paints are water wash-up and non-toxic for ages 8+
    • Great for use on almost any surface imaginable: wood, leather, plastic, metal, ceramic, paper, canvas, corrugate, bisque, terra cotta, plaster, glass, plaster of Paris, fabric and more
    • Superior pigment quality, vibrant colors, and rich long lasting finishes
    • Suitable for various airbrushing techniques
    • Recommended Cleaner for dried paint is 50497A Universal Acrylic Cleaner
    • Clear Coat with either 9495 Aztek® Clear Matte or 9496 Aztek® Clear Gloss

Aztek’s airbrushable acrylic paints come in four varieties:  Metallic (or Pearl), Fluorescent, Opaque & Transparent

Aztek’s Pearl metallic colors are stunning.  The metal flakes are so fine that they do not clog the airbrush, yet leave an amazing sparkle on anything it is sprayed upon.

Fluorescent Paints glow when exposed to ultraviolet (black) light.  They do not have to be applied over white, however, they do have more of an effect when painted over white. They work great for home décor and safety items. 

A paint color is said to be opaque when it hides what's underneath it, when you can't see any or much of what's beneath the color.  The opposite of opaque is transparent.

Transparent pigments are light and airy, barely showing on top of other colors. This makes them ideal for atmospheric subjects such as a misty morning or diaphanous fabrics.


  • 2 oz. Bottles - Metallic
  • 2 oz. Bottles - Fluorescent
  • 2 oz. Bottles - Opaque
  • 2 oz. Bottles - Transparent

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