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DZ-2500 Switch Machine w/ DZ-2502 Remote | Any gauge


The DZ-2500 Switch Machine offers slow speed switching from the pushbutton, TMCC CAB-1 remote, or DCS remote with the AIU. Just provide accessory power and ground to your DZ-2500 and to the DZ-2502 Remote pushbutton. Only one control wire is required to operate from the remote pushbutton. Using a DZ-2001, you can create a DATA WIRE that you run from your Command Base to anywhere on your layout (this creates a “data wire buss”) and then connect the DZ-2500 to it using only a single wire.
Compatible with GarGraves, Ross, Curtis, Atlas switches.

  • Realistic slow speed switching
  • Fast switching for non-derailing operation
  • Easy, pushbutton setting of red and green LED lights
  • TMCC capability built-in - just connect to a DZ-2001 Datawire
  • DCS / 2-Wire mode for compatibility with DCS AIU and old DZ-1002 remote
  • Can be used with DZ-1008 Relay Module
  • 2/3rds the length of the DZ-1000
  • Low Profile with screws and springs below rail height
  • Pigtail wires instead of screws
  • Single Button remote - no more guessing!

  • Model: DZ-2500
  • Manufactured by: Z-Stuff For Trains

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